Capo Fear Banished

Not referring to  the movie “Cape Fear”, but those thingies that we put around the fret of a guitar so we can play the same chords, but in a higher key.  I think I banished my fear of playing leads to accompany others who are playing with a capo.  Two simple pieces of info make up this easy equation:
A. What fret the capo is on.
B. What chord shape is first chord.
Then take A and count up that many half steps from B.

Example 1. If capo is on fret 2 and first chord is an Am shape, count 2 half steps up. A#m, Bm. Play leads in Bm scale.

Example 2. Capo is on fret 5. First chord is Dm shape. Count 5 half steps up. D#m, Em, Fm, F#m, Gm. Play leads in Gm scale.

I hope this info is helpful to my fellow guitarists out there.

p.s.  However, if guitarist is playing an augmented suspended ninth chord with a capo, then take A (number of frets up) and multiply that figure by ounces of lighter fluid, which you will pour into the guitar’s soundhole. Add a lit match. Solo is guaranteed to be blazing hot.  LOL!