Prayer For Employment

Prayer For Employment

“O God!  O God! Cause me to drink from the cup of Thy Bestowal.
Illumine my face with the Light of Guidance. Make me firm in
faithfulness and steadfastness in Thine Ancient Covenant.
Suffer me to become one of Thy sincere servants.

Open before my face the doors of prosperity. Prepare for me the
means of livelihood. Give me my bread through channels over
which I have no control, Thy Heavenly Treasures.

Grant me the power to turn my face toward thy Merciful
Countenance, to be faithful to Thy Cause.  O Thou Clement and
Compassionate One! Verily, Thou art gracious to those who are
firm and steadfast in Thy Strong and Impregnable Covenant.
Praise be to God, the Lord of the worlds!”

Star of the West, Vol. XIV 6, p. 167, September 1923

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