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Unlocking Avid bins on Unity

I’ve been working as an Assistant Editor/Junior Editor on an awesome TV documentary series.  Our storage workspaces are connected to an Avid Unity Connection Manager.  On Tuesday I worked in room A.  Then on Wednesday we moved to room B.  Since we are working on Avid Unity storage, this should be an easy transition.  However, the bins I created in room A were still locked to the user in room A, so I couldn’t use them in room B.  So here’s what I did to unlock those bins.  

I navigated in Windows to our project partition.  Then I opened our project folder and located the bin I wanted to unlock.  In this case, the locked bin was called “Accused”.  So I located the file named “Accused.lck”   Then I deleted the .lck files.  This is an Avid bin lock file.  (please see photo below).  After doing that, I went back into Avid Media Composer, and the bins were unlocked.  If they aren’t, then right click on each bin in the project and select “unlock bin”, and that should do it for you!  

Avid Bin Lock File

Please note:  DO NOT DELETE YOUR .avb files, as these are Avid bin files.  Just delete the .lck files.  

Inside Job (film review)

Inside Job – 2010 – Directed by Charles Ferguson – Academy Award
My rating:  * * * * *

Some men labor consciously for the good of humanity.  Other men labor deceitfully for their own selfish gain.  This film is about those other men and how they recklessly destroyed the livelihoods of people around the world. Unfortunately, this film is a documentary, so real lives were at stake. 

“It’s really quite simple what happened.  It was bank robbery.  And it was bank robbery committed not by someone walking in with a gun, but committed by the president of the bank.”
Charles Ferguson

“This was a triumph of mindless ideology over common sense that I think we’ve not seen since perhaps medieval Spain.  This is a case where abstract thought has done enormous damage.”
Charles Morris (author)

The defense that was proffered by many of the investment banks, was not: “You’re wrong.”  It was: “Everybody’s doing it and everybody knows it’s going on, and therefore nobody should rely on these analysts anyway.”

Eliot Spitzer

I rate it * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

official site of Inside Job