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Dweezil Zappa show at the Wellmont Theatre. Good times!

Friends and I, after the 3 1/2 hour Dweezil Zappa show at the Wellmont Theatre. Good times!!!

Here is an abbreviated set list. There were instrumentals that I didn’t catch the names of, so they are not written in this poorly spelled document.

Baby snakes
Zombie woof
call any vegetable
50 50
Absolutely free
Dog breath
Cosmic debris
Sleeping in a jar
Sleep dirt
Black napkins
Dirty Love
Keel it greasy
Trouble every day
Cleetus awrutis awrightus
Pound for a brown on the bus
The Meek shall inherit nuthin’
Muffin man

Downloaded to Premiere At SXSW

The feature film “Downloaded” that I worked as assistant editor on, will premiere at SXSW this March!  


NEW YORK, NY- January 15, 2012 – VH1′s Emmy award-winning “Rock Docs” franchise will present the world premiere of the long awaited story of the monumental rise and fall of Napster with the documentary “Downloaded” at the SXSW Film Festival. Directed by Alex Winter, “Downloaded” will make its world premiere at the SXSW Film Festival.

Jane’s Addiction – NYC show – 29 December 2012

Jane’s Addiction show in NYC was nothing short of pure rock and roll magic and larger than life spectacle of cascading reverbed vocals, swirling wall-of-sound guitar, in your face drums, a bass bump you could dance to, supernatural lyrics with the mystical kitch of an Ouija board, nostalgic tales of love, reminiscence on the triumph of romance, beauty throughout youth to age, and Cirque du Soleil like trapeze artists dancing above the audience wearing costumes and masks lifted from a phantasmorgic mind meld of shamanistic psychedelia and boundary streching surrealism.

Biggest ovation of the evening is when Perry brought 2 NYC firefighters on stage and he announced that 100 percent of profits from tonight’s show would be donated to funds to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. ♥ you Jane’s!

Here is a photo that my friend Zach Lear took at the show.

Janes Addiction NYC December 29th - photo by Zach Lear

Here are two photographs of some paintings that Zach Lear did of Jane’s Addiction.  He has more paintings for sale.  If you’d like to contact him, please check out his blog.

Zach Lear painting of Perry Farrell

Zach Lear painting of Dave Navarro

Tom Morello at Occupy Wall Street

Today was a great day!  I was asked to take a break from my normal Assistant Editor duties, grab a camera and meet our small crew (DP and Audio Mixer) in Zucotti Park to shoot some live events unfolding.  So I got paid to videotape literally 1 to 4 feet away from Tom Morello for his entire acoustic set at OWS!  Got some great shots!  We shot on a Canon 5D and a GoPro.  The GoPro is cool, cause it’s like an HD spycam.  Shoots 1080p, but fits in the palm of my hand.  Most important thing is … my boss is VERY happy that we got a lot of great shots.  And seeing Tom perform live and up close was AWESOME!  Tom truly boosted the energy of the crowd in a good way.  Thanks Tom. 

Here are some still frames of footage that I shot today at OWS.  

🙂 Charlie

Anarchy Is Snoring
Anarchy Is Snoring

Final Cut Pro X – Pros and Cons

I’ve taken the time to aggregate some great content which explores the pros and cons of Final Cut Pro X.  Because so much is being written on this topic, I will be adding new articles, videos and radio blogs to this post as I sift through them.  I’ll be adding the latest ones to the top of the stack.

Creative Cow, Helmut Kobler – A Final Cutter Tries Out Premiere Pro
Author of Final Cut Pro for Dummies, who has also written glowing reviews of multiple versions of Final Cut for multiple Mac magazines, admits that he’s been contemplating his escape from Planet Final Cut, even before the FCPX “debacle/disaster/catastrophe/suicide attempt”.  In this article, he explains the signs and “harbingers of doom” over the years, that made him consider his escape. 

Jeffery Harrell – A video editor/blogger
A video editor/blogger cuts a hilarious
short video about FCPX, using Radiohead’s “Creep”, but he cuts it on Adobe Premiere, uploads it to YouTube, then he gets a really awesome phone call from some of Adobe’s senior managers!  “Apple is so f___ing special”  (lol!)

YouTube – Hiter Finds Out About Final Cut Pro X

Creative Cow – Why We Can’t Use Final Cut Pro X at Our Companies
Two COW leaders (Rich and Walter) voice strong opinions about why they can not implement Final Cut Pro X into their post production facilities, at this time.

Washington Post, Hayley Tsukayama – Apple Final Cut Pro X:  Thousands of filmmakers and editors say there is nothing “pro” about it
Apple’s been taking a lot of heat over its latest version of Final Cut Pro since it launched last week. Now, in just a few hours, more than 600 people — most identifying themselves as editors and filmmakers — have already
signed a petition titled, “Final Cut Pro X is Not a Professional Application.”

NY Times, Pogues Posts – Professional Video Editors Weigh in on Final Cut Pro X
In 10 years of writing Times columns, I’ve never encountered anything quite like this.  In Thursday’s paper, I
reviewed Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, a professional video-editing program. It’s not an update of the existing Final Cut, which is by far the most popular such program; it’s completely new and radically redesigned. It looks different, its strengths are different — and after one day of using it, many professional video editors are running through the streets with pitchforks.

Conan O’Brien – Conan’s Editors Absolutely Love Apple’s New Final Cut Pro X

NY Times, David Pogue – Apple’s Final Cut is Dead.  Long Live Final Cut
Final Cut Pro has 54 percent of the video-editing market, far more than its rivals from Adobe and Avid.  Did I use the present tense? Sorry about that. Final Cut was the industry leader. It did cost $1,000. But that’s all over now.