Yoga has been a deep source of inspiration throughout my life.  Below is a blog about my yoga journey.  New posts will be added to the top of the page.  

2013-01-21 – part 1

Went to the outdoor recreation facility down street from my home. Exercised and practiced yoga on the river front pathway. It was whooping cold, but I figure that if the ancient yogis practiced this way (unsheltered from nature’s elements), that it would be good for me too. So it felt good to connect with my spiritual ancestors in that way. Besides, what better way to become “awakened” then by having the weather making darn sure that you stay awake!

2013-01-21 – part 2

As I was practicing Yoga (bhakti, pranayama and asana) today on the riverfront, I travelled back in time for a moment. I met with many generations of my ancestors, both blood related and spiritual related, and after I told them of my path and how humbled that I am to be in the presence of the people who forged the very path that my feet walk upon – they told me how proud they are to bear my weight as I stand upon their shoulders. 

They invited me to connect with them again on this current path. They also told me that they look forward to the time when we meet on the path and future generations stand on my shoulders. Today they taught me, “This is the real reason why you do yoga. The exercises are to make you stronger so that when you do join us on this path, you can help us lift the future generations upon your shoulders.”

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